A War of Words and Worlds.

You are free, but you are not allowed to leave.

You are valued, but your values are not.

You have free will, but you are not free to be willful.

You can prepare for your future, but you’re forbidden to create it.

You can learn subjects, but you are not the subject of learning.

You are to respect authority, and you are not one.

For approximately ten generations, the children of the free world have been playing a radical survival game called compulsory education. It emerged in the mid-1700s, a time before trains, planes and automobiles, a dark time when one-third of children died before the age of five.

In response, we created a survival game that maximised certainty and equality of outcome. Illiterate, poor and malnourished children were assumed empty vessels and put in classrooms. In these closed vehicles, they were served a strict diet of subjects and set on a long and mandatory vector to better times and employment. It was a safe, simple and manageable solution. It delivered results and brought relief to parents and nations. The game went global and became immortal.

Photo: The Famine Memorial, Dublin, Ireland.

Photo: graham jowett

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Thankfully, we have food on our tables now. We no longer live in our ancestor's radical past, yet somehow, we still play their radical survival game. We live in a perpetual famine; only where our ancestors starved of food, we’re starved of meaning.

It’s time to let go of our past and embrace uncertainty. It’s time to end the war within, and your family home is an instrument of peace.

It’s time to grow.