This is a story about a boy’s quest to become a man.

Chapter 1

The Dream

On the left, a man dressed in black, surrounded by a brilliant white.

On the right, a child dressed in white, surrounded by an infinite black.

Between them is a tall freestanding arch.

Two opposing faces grace its apex.

A gateway to another world.

The child holds an outstretched hand.

C: Come with me.

I have something to show you.


Above, five glorious planets orbit a joyous sun.

M: They’re beautiful. So beautiful.

Who are they?

C: A family of contrasting worlds and people that found unity in their differences.

Together, they were strong.

Looking at where the man came from.

A single dark, dense and cold sphere.

C: Once, they were multi-planetary too.

M: What happened?

An asteroid struck their planet.

Terrified and naive,

They united in believing that gaseous stars were malevolent gods who could only be subdued with meekness.

Now, small and powerless, yet universal thinking was their greatest weakness.

M: Who are you?

C: You do not remember me.

But I’ve searched for a lifetime for you.

M: Tell me more.

C: Yes, come, listen, and I will remind you.

Chapter 2

The Fishbowl.

Chapter 3

The Question.

After years of confinement, the fish are released back into the ocean. Now, small, numb and underdeveloped, her untrained body is no match for the ocean currents. She sees fish that once raced and leapt into the air, endlessly swimming in deep and tight circles in search of still waters and the comfort of the fishbowl.

C: Nothing changes here. I do not belong to this world.

She chooses to assert herself and takes with her the dread of venturing exactly where she was warned not to.


Hunger, predators, devastating storms.

Scared and lost.

She drifted into unconsciousness.

A young man is washed up on a kind beach.

Above, multiple planets orbit a radiant sun.

A group of six children approaches and leads him to

A tall, smooth, rectangular stone standing upright in the sand.

As he watched them play,

He noticed a pattern, a pattern they made in the sand over and over.

Five orbit the One.

Chapter 4

The Discovery.

That’s when he understood.

That’s when he remembered.

Every child can be found radiant at the centre of five beautifully complex and experiential roles.

Together, they are One.

And yet he knew that few would believe him.

Because they did not wish to.

For it was certainty that they sought, not peace.

To believe, first, it must be experienced.

Chapter 5

The Story.

In a world where transport has progressed from horses and carts to Teslas in a little over a hundred years, isn’t it strange that the classical classroom, a ubiquitous vehicle for most children, has remained fundamentally unchanged and unchallenged for so many generations?

Hi, I’m Robert Michael Maher, and for 20 years, I’ve dedicated my attention to studying and radically transforming the educational environments of thousands of children in Ireland and Bulgaria. I am on a unique trajectory of self-discovery, a beautiful and challenging process of decoding what I’m not and crafting who I choose to be. I believe extraordinary opportunities and my greatest value exist in the unexplored unknown and that only I can be the source of my questions and their deep personal meaning.

In Sofia in 2016, I set up a creative laboratory for children. In this non-classical environment, and as they acquired valuable skills and experiences, I listened closely, observed their behaviour and relentlessly modified their classroom to satisfy and ignite their most profound and innate motivations. After 1000s of observational hours and several years of analysis, my findings both amazed and alarmed me.

The classical classroom remains unchanged because we are stuck inside an old survival game, a small and shrinking fishbowl. With the appeal of security, standardised education became a universal idea that seduced the masses to enter, trade and dismember a family of valuable abilities that humanity developed over hundreds of thousands of years. Without these abilities, most are either too afraid, unmotivated or powerless to imagine and navigate a way out. The old survival game is devouring our humanity.

Having identified and defined the inversion, I subsequently discovered and developed a tool, an elegant solution that can fit into everyone’s home to reorientate and educate both parent and child on how to retrain for an ancient yet futuristic game. A game that can help us remember and reestablish a commanding role and relationship with ourselves and our environment.

Exploration, time and space are prerequisites to discovering what we are not. Yet standardised education, like a fishbowl, can only perfectly fit a minority who are satisfied to occupy a small, safe and micromanaged space. For the rest, it’s a crude and often meaningless game that strips and scraps with impunity the innate wealth of responsible children whose potential resides on a unique trajectory and just outside its impenetrable and unforgiving boundaries.

These many children urgently need a healthier and competing signal to inform them they are not alone or mad and that, with great effort, they can discover their mission and belong to a community where their values are valued and they're encouraged to grow and express their greatest potential. Otherwise, as I’ve observed, amnesia sets in. To survive, these children self-censor, make themselves smaller, and willingly extinguish the spark in their eyes in exchange for classroom status, community acceptance and an approved identity.

The Quantum Family is a necessary disruptive force designed to deliver a powerful experience in the safety of your home. It’s a key that can open a door that’s been closed in our minds for generations. When you walk through it, you’ll see, as I have, that institutions are just games that emerge when truth and opportunity converge in the vastness of our minds, and there’s plenty of room to design many, many more.

M: Who are you?

What happened to these worlds?

Tell me more.

C: One world perceived a malevolent threat, and individuals gave control of their future to a single trusted authority.

The other perceived an opportunity to grow, and individuals took control of their future as trusted authorities.

Both were responsible, but only one would flourish.

You see, “responsible” is a word just like “quantum”.

It has become a Janus word.

Janus words are unique in that they have two opposite meanings depending on their context.

As a child, you were trained in a game that only permitted the lower form of what it means to be responsible.

As a child, you were trained in a game that concealed you from yourself.

I’m sorry.

Now you know, as you’ve passed through the arch with me and held the hand of the Roman god of Doorways and Transitions.

Do you remember me now?

I am you. 

I am your imagination.

You are the past, AND I am the future.

Together, we are One.

The Quantum Family is a powerful home solution and a parallel institution of education. Its mission is to restore a family of innate human values by expanding our imagination beyond the boundaries of standardised education and into a multi-system reality designed to support all children on their unique and meaningful journey as they endeavour to discover themselves and express their greatest potential.

Remember yourself.

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Listen to me.

M: Yes, mother.

Know that there is not just one but two great games to play.

One sanctions questions, the other a dove.

You must choose for yourself.

And remember, your answer’s up above.

I love you…go now.

Chapter 6

The Beginning.

This is the Logos Equation.

A transformative education philosophy and a bridge between our internal landscape and the external environment.

A family of ancient values resurfaces and reunites to signal to all people that it’s safe to explore, grow and feel powerful.

Together, we create the future.

A special thanks to Maria Luvchieva for her beautiful art contributions and to all the parents, children, philosophers, good friends, and family who supported and entertained the many conversations and experiences that produced The Quantum Family.