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1. What’s the problem, and why does it exist?

School is bad at mathematics. It assumes all humans are zeros when they have individual values. Without much resistance and with one gigantic eraser, it neglects our human heritage and slowly erases our many differences. And on the blank page, like a Roman emperor, the victor attempts to rewrite our history.

People are unique, not standardised. The world requires courageous leadership, philosophers, and inventors, but the system is guarded by a minority prioritising safety, security and mandatory equality. Hence, children with creative ambition are denied the necessary space and training to flourish and grow.

2. What’s the solution, and how does it work?

Education is just a game, and you can play more than one in parallel. You can play a second one that rewards children who discover and assert their differences, values and strengths, one that signals it’s safe to feel powerful, and one that enriches their relationship with themselves and you.

Children become the environments they occupy, and your home can evolve to complement their growth. Make it your education partner. Modify it, enrich it, and employ it. Embed your values and learning opportunities. In it, they can experience, invest and train for the future now.

3. What is the Quantum Family, and its benefits?

The Quantum Family is an elegant discovery, the conclusion of an eight-year behavioural analysis and a quantum leap for children’s education. It’s an archetypal equation, a family of executive roles, a human-environmental interface, a creative process, and a developmental framework.

Integrated systems and installations provide players autonomy and access to powerful archetypal roles, the sources and guardians of your child’s innate motivation. It’s a manageable environmental solution that harmonises education with universal human values and your child’s developmental needs.


4. What’s the problem, and why does it exist?

A survival game is a necessary and temporary response to a perceived threat in a dangerous environment. The game’s objective is equality of outcome. Players demonstrate collective responsibility by giving control to a trusted authority and complying with its radical and reassuring directive.


7. What’s the problem, and why does it exist?

Over the years, a survival game decouples strong, intuitive, responsible children from their higher and grounds them in their lower selves. Over generations, it breeds out the memory of what exists above, creating a vacuum of meaning that weakens humanity and diligently covers its tracks.

Standardised education is a survival game we immortalised. Like perennial prisoners locked in a psychological cage, we’ve institutionalised the past, fear and groupthink with a radical and mandatory response. We’ve narrowed our perception of reality and slowed down our growth on a species-wide scale.

5. What’s the solution, and how should one proceed?

We must be honest. Mandatory games create fear. The non-compliant are threatened to stimulate a survival response, and under duress, they align themselves. This is not a responsible or wise strategy. It’s a circular reference, and we're on a downward-spiralling track to a state of inert uniformity.

All children have about 14,000 hours to invest in school. Take command of this finite resource and diversify their investment portfolio. Reserve 20% of this time and energy for leadership and creativity training. Be courageous and remember that growth is always upward, uncertain and worthy.

6. What is the Quantum Family, and its benefits?

The Quantum Family is a growth game whose objective is equality of opportunity. Players demonstrate responsibility by taking command as trusted authorities, testing their ideas, and learning from their results. It reinforces our human desire to live meaningfully and create value for ourselves and others.

Players preserve and develop their innate ability to (1) explore, navigate & manage risk, (2) feel, discern & prioritise investments, (3) assert, negotiate & honour agreements, (4) imagine, create & deliver valuable solutions, (5) reflect on, learn from & value mistakes and (6) live, lead & self-actualise.

When one centralised Commander is institutionalised, and certainty is made a game priority, heterodox players cannot access their Quantum Family, orientate, grow or feel their self-worth. Consequently, the demotion of free thinkers and fear of destitution ensure the exile of any rising oppositional forces.

8. What’s the solution, and how does one begin?

Develop a healthy distrust of survival games. The fake ones are arrogant, dogmatic and very certain. Immortal monoliths sustained only by imaginary fears, monopoly, self-reference and monodirectional feedback loops. They are manipulative games that empower themselves by disempowering you.

You are not a blank slate. You were born from a lineage of powerful archetypes forged over millennia and through vigorous interaction with our rich and natural environment. Our nature comes from nature. Awaken your ancestors! Raise your sleeping giants and feel the power within!

9. What is the Quantum Family, and its benefits?

The Quantum Family is your innate source of power. It existed long before mandatory standardisation and aims to realign our human heritage with education. It’s a vision of a multi-game future, a new agreement and wise strategy between adults and children to train for freedom, the future, and success.

Let life happen and discover what’s absent from reality. Restore meaning, mystery, and motivation. Develop agency and power through clarity, ownership, and responsibility. Be different, strengthen your strengths. Reconcile your Classical and Quantum families and learn to play the game of life.

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